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Stompin' on Spiders

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  Stompin' on Spiders - Noor Ali, Becky Davis and Gazza Tee


Stompin' on Spiders' stripped-back acoustic Blues/Rock style, blends the traditional ethos of Blues music with a very modern edge. “It’s the new tradition" is how a BBC music journalist enthusiastically described the live and recorded offerings from Stompin' on Spiders; "a radical mix of stripped-back blues and roots inspired by international world events". The "new tradition" inspired by Stompin' on Spiders, is now embraced by "spider stompers" all around the globe.

From the outside, it seemed to be a very quite start to 2014 for Stompin' on Spiders. But looks can be very deceptive, because Noor Ali, Becky Davis and Gazza Tee, the core members of the band have been hidden away from the public eye, busy preparing and recording the third studio album by Stompin on Spiders.

Ten brand new songs, written at the end of 2013, are currently being recorded at FFG Studios in the Cotswold Hills of England for the album (the title of which is STILL strictly under wraps) that will be launched in July 2014. The only thing that has been revealed by the band members from behind their “locked-down” rehearsal room on the western slopes of the Malvern Hills, is that the Stompin’ on Spiders "New Tradition" Blues/Acoustic Rock sound remains solid as ever, but like all forms of evolution, some things have moved forward. Intriguing stuff indeed…. However, one or two songs may slip out at the band's first public appearance of 2014 on Saturday 19th April, where SoS will be helping Chris and Rachel Heard to launch "WORLD RECORD STORE DAY 2014" at Carnival Records in Malvern, England. So come along and find out.....

Founded at a Blues festival in April 2009, Stompin' on Spiders appeared at a number of prestigious festivals in England before hosting their very own “Tea Time Special” for the Worcester Music Festival. This unique live event was the first ever live broadcast via internet radio from the Worcester Music Festival. The international radio exposure projected the band's "New Tradition" style of Blues to a global audience.

In late 2010, Stompin’ on Spiders moved into the recording studio and recorded over one hundred and fifty minutes of new material. From the session, an album called Follow My Thread was produced. The album blended blues-rock and fusion inspired original material with sympathetically reworked classic covers and is regarded as a true representation of the Stompin’ on Spiders musical style at that time. Follow My Thread is currently available on Apple iTunes or

Building on their reputation through live performances and the free distribution of  Follow My Thread (over 1,000 copies of the album were given away at gigs during 2011), Stompin’ on Spiders recorded a live performance for the BBC. The session was broadcast in April 2011 and received favorable comment from listeners and critics alike. Thereafter, Stompin' on Spiders were featured on radio stations around the globe, including Cairns 89.1FM and  Radio Port Douglas in Australia.

In early 2012, a second studio album called Nothing To Declare was recorded, mixed and mastered at Noor Ali's new home studio at The Pleck. Containing original material throughout, the nine track album offered an insight to what was driving Stompin’ on Spiders along as a band, using a wide range of musical influences to produce their popular "New Tradition" Blues / Acoustic Rock sound. Nothing To Declare is available as a CD at Stompin' on Spiders gigs or from  Carnival Records (Malvern) and Rise Records (Worcester). It is also available to download from BANDCAMP or to order CD copies by e-mailing the band -

2013 began with a bang with a full programme of live performances at local festivals and venues and the good profile on independent radio stations being maintained in the UK and overseas. Regular air play of tracks from both Stompin' on Spiders albums continued to be heard right across the planet.

Then in June 2013, as the band moved closer to their 100th live performance, percussionist and drummer, Becky Davis joined the "team". Becky's inclusion in the band was a master stroke and gave the "New Tradition" sound of Stompin' on Spiders that extra edge that had been missing in the live performance arena for so long. From then on it was full steam ahead as Stompin' on Spiders roared through the summer and autumn festival programme to round off a vintage year for the "New Tradition" Blues/Acoustic Rock sound!