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Stompin’ on Spiders, the purveyors of “New Tradition” Blues have announced the imminent release of their new studio album “Blacklisted”. The album will be on general release on 5th September and available from selected record stores, from the internet and at all Stompin’ on Spiders shows throughout 2014.

Blacklisted is the third studio album from the Worcestershire and Herefordshire based band following in the wake of “Nothing To Declare” and “Follow My Thread” that sold in good numbers and received first-rate airplay around the globe.

In music folklore, the third album is often classed as the “difficult” album. This is because the initial creative juice that drives a band along for their first couple of albums begins to dry-up. This often creates a make or break rethink for the band or a turgid rehash of what went before for the less fortunate. However, Blacklisted falls into neither of these categories and the pleasing end result is a natural evolution of Stompin’ on Spiders’ “New Tradition” style of Blues and Acoustic Rock.

Unlike the previous two albums that were worthy products of the bands own “cottage industry” studio sessions, Blacklisted was recorded at a professional studio with an independent producer at the helm to critique the material and coax the best from the band. FFG Studios in Bredon, Worcestershire was the chosen location with producer David Pickering-Pick steadfastly guiding Stompin’ on Spiders through the intensive recording sessions and tweaking the band and the controls to get the best possible performance.

Writing, arranging and pre-production rehearsals of the material for Blacklisted began in late-October 2013 and in February 2014 Stompin’ on Spiders entered the studio to record the main tracks of the ten track album. Overdubs, mixing and reviews was a protracted process but by June 2014, all work on the album at FFG was completed.

As with the two albums before, the songs of Blacklisted are based upon observations and experiences of the everyday life and times of the 21st Century, as seen through the eyes of songwriters, Noor Ali and Gary Tolley (aka Gazza Tee). But unlike the two previous albums, the creativity and skill of percussionist Becky Davis has been brought right to the fore and with additional contributions from Australian Celtic Harpist, Debbie Robinson and the rock solid, acoustic bass playing of Marc Miletitch, a “tour de force” of the new tradition sound has resulted.

The release of Blacklisted will be followed by a number “launch” shows in September and October where Blacklisted will be performed in its entirety followed by a selection of more familiar Stompin’ on Spiders songs and guest performers.

More news and information about Blacklisted and the season of reviews from September to December 2014, click here.


Stompin' on Spiders' stripped-back acoustic Blues/Rock style, blends the traditional ethos of Blues music with a very modern edge. “It’s the new tradition" is how a BBC music journalist enthusiastically described the live and recorded offerings from Stompin' on Spiders; "a radical mix of stripped-back blues and acoustic rock inspired by international world events". The "new tradition" inspired by Stompin' on Spiders, is enjoyed by "spider stompers" all around the globe.